Suge Knight’s Deadly Hit-and-Run Video Released (Graphic Video)

Hip-hop mogul ran over two people January 29th, killing one

Suge Knight Court
Getty Images

Surveillance footage of Suge Knight’s deadly hit-and-run that killed one January 29th has been released online.

The video shows the hip-hop mogul’s red truck driving up to Tam’s Burgers when a man identified by TMZ as victim Cle “Bone” Sloan walks up to the vehicle, appearing to start an altercation with Knight.

It appears Knight and Sloan fight for a short while before Knight reversed his truck and then barrels Sloan over. After running Sloan over, Knight ran over a former business associate, Terry Carter, who was fatally injured.

“The Carter family is pleased you are releasing the video so the public can see what actually occurred and not be forced to speculate based on third party descriptions of the video,” Carter’s family said to TMZ.

On Knight’s first day in court, he was sent to the hospital with a panic attack. Last week, Knight was hospitalized for a third time in a month, telling the judge he’s gone partially blind.

He also fired his defense team, telling Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Brandlin that he’s been receiving bad medical treatment while in jail.

Knight is on trial for murder, facing life in prison.

Watch the video below (Graphic)