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‘Suicide Squad’ Star Cara Delevingne Says ‘Critics Have Been Absolutely Horrific’

The anti-hero film broke Fandango’s August pre-sale record, but reviewers evidently didn’t get that news alert

The cast members of this weekend’s “Suicide Squad” don’t care much about what critics have said about their movie, reasoning that it’s ultimately up to the fans to judge its merits.

“The critics have been absolutely horrific. They’re really, really horrible. You know, I just don’t think they like superhero movies,” Cara Delevingne told Reuters. “It doesn’t really matter what the critics say at the end of the day, it’s the fans that we made this movie for.”

Although Margot Robbie, who plays Harley Quinn, would like for the critics to have given “Suicide Squad” better reviews, she also thinks that the final verdict lies with the fans.

“Critical acclaim is really nice, but we made it for the fans,” Robbie said. “If the fans like it, then we did our job.”

The anti-hero film from Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment broke Fandango’s August pre-sale record, but that didn’t impress critics. “Suicide Squad” received a 29 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with most of the reviews claiming that although the film had a talented cast, the plot was overstuffed.

The bad reviews even prompted fans of the film to create an online petition to shut down movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

“I made the movie for real people who live in the real world,” director David Ayer said.

The film will be released in theaters Friday.

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