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Sumner Redstone’s Former Companion Stood to Inherit $50 Million, His Mansion

Manuela Herzer was healthcare proxy for Viacom and CBS chairman emeritus until recently

Sumner Redstone’s former companion stood to inherit $50 million and the National Amusements founder’s Beverly Park home, which was valued at $20 million. Not anymore, however — but Manuela Herzer is fighting that in the legal system.

Under a September 2015 inheritance plan — which was detailed in a Tuesday Los Angeles County Court filing — the 52-year-old Herzer “would have $50 million and Mr. Redstone’s Beverly Park home, worth roughly $20 million.”

But a month later, that mandate was amended to instead direct “that those assets pass to [Redstone’s] charitable foundation.”

Today, Redstone’s attorneys called the now-defunct plan “a pre-death trust dressed up as health care litigation.”

On the same date he amended the inheritance, Redstone executed a new Advanced Health Care Directive, which Herzer is currently challenging. The media mogul’s doctor and his daughter Shari Redstone are fighting back against the media mogul’s ex-girlfriend, who was set as Sumner’s healthcare proxy until recently. Herzer seems to want that job back.

The 92-year-old Redstone, who is of failing health, recently stepped down as chairman of CBS and Viacom, selecting a chairman emeritus title. Les Moonves and Philippe Dauman took the top jobs, respectively. Shari Redstone was pleased with the Moonves selection, but did not endorse Dauman’s.

It’s been as busy day for the Redstone family, which owns most of Viacom via National Amusements. Viacom reported poorer-than-expected first quarter 2016 sales this morning, and its stock has been getting pummeled all day.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.