What Was the 2nd Most-Watched TV Channel on Super Bowl Sunday?

Because CBS got enough (they’d probably argue ”too much“) ratings coverage today

CBS didn’t get the game — or the ratings — it wanted on Sunday, but the Super Bowl LV will still be 2021’s most-watched TV show. The second most-watched channel in primetime on Super Bowl Sunday was PBS, which aired its “Masterpiece” dramas.

PBS averaged 1.848 million total viewers, according to Nielsen, airing Week 4 of “Miss Scarlet & the Duke” (1.916 million at 8 p.m.), Week 5 of “All Creatures Great and Small” (2.367 million at 9) and Week 2 of “The Long Song” (1.259 million at 10).

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Tony Maglio

TV Editor • tony.maglio@thewrap.com • Twitter: @tonymaglio