Super Bowl: Twitter Hashtag #LikeABoy Takes on #LikeAGirl Ad Campaign, Fails Miserably

Always’ #LikeAGirl Super Bowl ad tries to empower girls by making the expression “like a girl” a positive one instead of a negative one

Always, the feminine hygiene brand, tried to empower young girls and women with their Super Bowl ad on Sunday, using the expression “like a girl” as an empowering phrase instead of one to mean throwing, running and fighting poorly. The ad sparked a reaction on social media, with #Likeaboy trending immediately and calling the Always campaign sexist and exclusionary.

But the reactive campaign backfired. Long after the Super Bowl ended Sunday night, the #LikeABoy hashtag was still going strong, but instead of undermining the #Likeagirl campaign,  it quickly became filled with almost the exact same content.

Some people used the hashtag ironically — with Twitter user Mark (@xCidna) saying that “meninist” and the “meninism” movement is satirical — or just to stir the hornet’s nest, but there were people who were earnest and sincere on both sides of the debate.

TheWrap has gathered some of the most passionate tweets from the #LikeABoy hashtag.

Watch the original Super Bowl “Like a Girl” ad from Always here.