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Super Cute ‘Lego Batman’ Sneak Peek Reveals Caped Crusader Has a Son?!?

CinemaCon 2016: Will Arnett takes the stage in character and introduces hilarious, telling new scene from ”The Lego Batman Movie“

Batman has a son, sort of.

A new peek of “The Lego Batman Movie” unveiled at CinemaCon on Tuesday revealed that the caped crusader accidentally adopted a little boy during a swanky gala.

“I thought I was being sarcastic,” Batman (Will Arnett) tells his manservant Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) upon discovering he has a son. Voiced by Michael Cera, Batman’s so-called child is actually Robin, whose real name is Dick Grayson.

The scene was introduced by Arnett, who initially took the stage while in character. “Imagine ‘The Lego Movie’ credits rolling and we pickup with Batman back at the Batcave,” he said once back to his normal delivery, setting up the film.

“What’s his day-to-day? Sure, his parents were murdered in front of him but why’s he so bummed out?” Arnett joked before the lights dimmed to show the new footage.

It had the audience rolling in constant laughter as a nerdy Robin entered Batman’s secret lair. “We could have sleepovers ever night!” he gleefully observes while grabbing at Batman’s gear. “Don’t touch that!” Batman demands.

Robin proceeds to try on a bunch of Batman’s costumes, finally landing on a Robin-themed one with Rastafarian touches. It’s Reggae Robin! Batman’s famed sidekick then ditches the reggae gear, rips off his pants and wala, he’s ready to go.

“The Lego Batman Movie,” also featuring Zach Galifianakis as the Joker and Rosario Dawson as Batgirl, is set to enter theaters Feb. 10, 2017.