Super Tuesday 2 Scorecard: State-by-State Winners (Updating)

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton look to maintain their leads in the battle for their parties’ nominations

Will Donald Trump maintain his lead? Was it wise for Hillary Clinton to join Bernie Sanders in calling for the resignation of Michigan’s governor? Can Texas Sen. Ted Cruz steal GOP votes from the anti-Trump movement?

Super Tuesday 2 is here and a total of 316 delegates are ready to be snatched up by the six remaining presidential candidates.

Republicans hold primaries in Michigan, Idaho and Mississippi and caucuses in Hawaii with 150 delegates up for grabs. Fresh off a Fox News town hall, the Democrats have contests in Michigan and Mississippi with 166 delegates on the line.

So, who is winning on Super Tuesday 2? Refresh this page for continuous updates as results come in.

GOP candidates

Donald Trump has officially won:

  • Mississippi
  • Michigan
  • Hawaii

Ted Cruz has officially won:

  • Idaho

Democratic candidates

Hillary Clinton has officially won:

  • Mississippi

Bernie Sanders has officially won:

  • Michigan

The polls close at 8 p.m. ET/ 5 PT in Mississippi, 9 ET/ 6 PT in Michigan, 11 ET/ 8 PT in Idaho and finally, the residents of Hawaii will start caucusing around 1 a.m. ET/ 10 p.m. PT.