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Super Tuesday 3: John Kasich Takes Ohio, Donald Trump Wins Florida, NC, Illinois; Hillary Clinton Dominates (Updating)

Trump and Clinton win Florida primaries for their respective parties, as Marco Rubio drops out of the presidential race

John Kasich took his home state of Ohio, according to the Associated Press, keeping his campaign alive and becoming the Republican establishment’s last hope of stopping Donald Trump.

Despite being reviled by some party insiders, GOP frontrunner Trump won Florida and North Carolina tonight, adding to his lead.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Kasich had both stayed in the race in hopes of courting those establishment Republicans but Rubio quit Tuesday after losing his home state of Florida.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton had a good night, winning Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Missouri and her home-state of Illinois, thus extending her lead over Bernie Sanders. Ohio offers 142 delegates for Democrats and 66 for the GOP.

Primary races in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio had political junkies on their toes during what some were dubbing “Super Tuesday 3,” and what CNN’s Brian Stelter called “Survival Tuesday.”