Jimmy Kimmel Catches Californians in Super Tuesday Voting Lies (Video)

You guys, the polls weren’t even open in the Golden State

For once in your lives: tell the truth, Hollywood Blvd. pedestrians.

Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News” caught a bunch of fibbers yesterday, as folks claimed to have voted on Super Tuesday. There’s just one catch: California isn’t a Super Tuesday voting state.

Still, the on-camera passersby shared who they voted for, and even how crowded or empty the polls were.

Then the lies got worse. One guy was caught claiming he got charged $10 to enter the booth, while another women touted the swag she received, and a third person discussed in detail the cookies and juice that definitely never happened.

Finally, “Jimmy Kimmel Live’s” woman-on-the-street pushed the envelope further by asking about insane new voting technologies. Naturally, everyone who made the final cut played along.

Watch the video above, and consider moving to Canada.