‘Supergirl,’ ‘Arrow,’ ‘Flash’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Land Mega-Crossover Dates From CW

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The CW

The CW has set this upcoming season’s mega-crossover dates for the “Supergirl,” “Arrow,” “Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow” event.

Here’s when they’ll air:
Monday, Nov. 27 (“Supergirl” and “Arrow” episodes)
Tuesday, Nov. 28 (“The Flash” and “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” episodes)

The CW pulled the same four-series event stunt last year, though it spread the shows out across four nights. While that setup was a success, broadcast channel President Mark Pedowitz thought the Fall 2017 plan would prove to be “tighter.”

While the four DC shows in the “Arrowverse” all air separately and with their own storylines, with “Supergirl” joining the CW over from CBS, the network has taken advantage of it. Last year, there were two crossover events — the mega four-episode event and a musical crossover that acted mostly as a “Flash” and “Supergirl” mash-up with sprinklings of other characters.

As for why CW continues to do the crossover events, Pedowitz likened it to the later “Avengers” films. “It’s the fun of them getting together,” he said. “You get to see a whole different thing. They’re all big episodic productions but this one will be even bigger.”

Pedowitz didn’t comment on what this season’s first crossover will deal with, although he did say it’ll have a “purpose” like some of the others. For example, the four-episode event introduced Supergirl to the rest of the characters and had the heroes facing off against an alien threat.