‘Supergirl’ Star Katie McGrath on ‘Emotional’ Series Finale and ‘Trying to Do It Justice’

“You just want to get it right, and you don’t have a huge amount of time,” Lena Luthor actress tells TheWrap

Lena Luthor
Photo: The CW

“Supergirl” will air its two-part series finale tonight, wrapping up six seasons of adventures with the Super Friends. And for as much as fans will struggle to say goodbye to their favorite heroes, the cast struggled just as much. For series star Katie McGrath, it was the smaller moments that got her in her feels.

In particular, McGrath struggled a bit in her final scenes where all the action of the episode had passed, and she was simply having her final conversations with each character — especially Kara herself.

“You just want to get it right, and you don’t have a huge amount of time,” McGrath told TheWrap. “And at the same time, while you’re trying to get it right, there’s also in your head, you’re like, ‘Oh my god, this has been five years for me, this is kind of a goodbye.’ This is five years! And you’ve got all this going on in your head and you’re trying to get it right and you’re trying to do it justice and trying to do the words justice and it’s a lot. It’s a lot. It’s an emotional moment.”

McGrath notes that on top of wanting to do right by the fans, there was also the realization that she was saying goodbye, even if only temporarily, to coworkers — not just characters — who had become family.

“Part of all that last episode was not just Lena, it’s Katie as well,” she added. “Like, these actors, this crew, they all became my family. We spent nine months of the year together, you know, making this show — we were each other’s lives. And you’re not just saying goodbye in the moment as Lena and the rest of the super friends. You’re saying goodbye as Katie and the rest of my friends. So there’s a sort of added weight towards the themes that it becomes — it was a big week. The last week was a big week.”

So, when you see Lena crying — because yes, there will be tears — it’s definitely not all acting. That said, fans can rest assured that the “Supergirl” series finale won’t be all emotion and heaviness. Like any series finale, the final two hours of “Supergirl” contain a ton of action.

Having kidnapped Esme from the Tower and killing William Dey in the process, Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) and Nyxly (Peta Sergeant) are ready to make some serious demands in their efforts to restore the All-Stone. And when their final showdown comes, they aren’t pulling any punches at all.

The two-hour series finale of “Supergirl” airs tonight at 8/7c on The CW. Check back with TheWrap after the finale for a spoiler-filled breakdown with Katie McGrath.