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‘Supergirl’ Will Feature ‘Superman II’ Villain Non

TCA 2015: Kryptonian bad guy was played by Jack O’Halloran in 1980 Richard Donner film

Non, the Kryptonian villain who served General Zod in “Superman II,” will appear in the CBS series “Supergirl,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed Monday at the show’s TCA panel in Los Angeles.

The character was played by Jack O’Halloran in the 1980 Richard Donner film. He was a mute Kryptonian who served the evil General Zod in his quest for world domination.

However, Kreisberg revealed that the show’s take on the character will be very different. “Like in the comic books, the Non that you saw in ‘Superman II’ had been lobotomized, and when we meet him he won’t have been lobotomized yet,” Kreisberg told TheWrap. No word yet on if Zod will appear on the series, however.

Other members of the panel, like showrunner Greg Berlanti, acknowledge the large influence the Richard Donner films would have on the series.

“[Donner’s ‘Superman’ films’] had a charm, a believability, and an epicness,” Berlanti said. “And if you go back and watch them again–if you remove the action set pieces, just the sort of sweeping vistas and the size and the scope of it. It had something that just imprinted on our brains and I associated that with what it meant to tell a story.”

“Supergirl” premieres on CBS on October 27 at 8:30/7:30c.