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Don’t Worry, ‘Supernatural’ Fans: Series Ending Intact Despite COVID-19 Script Changes, Co-Showrunner Says

Andrew Dabb talks in-depth about series finale decisions in an interview with TVLine

“Supernatural” fans, rejoice: co-showrunner Andrew Dabb is here to reassure you that despite having to make some tweaks to the final episodes due to the coronavirus-forced production shutdown, the ending of The CW’s beloved monster-hunting show has not been “fundamentally” changed.

“We’re still doing everything we wanted to do from a character, plot [and] mythology standpoint,” Dabb said in an interview with TVLine Thursday.

We learned back in August that the two final episodes underwent some changes when star Jensen Ackles opened up about it in a Zoom conversation, but Dabb says that the emotional core of the ending remains intact.

“In some cases, we had to simplify the [pathways] to get there,” Dabb said. “For example, for the finale, we had a big, super extravagant thing planned for that episode, and it wasn’t feasible. But we found an alternative to get to the same place, plot-wise and, more importantly, emotionally, that worked great. So it’s about being adaptable. We had to do some rewriting, but nothing that changed fundamentally what the show is or where it was going.”

“The storyline is unchanged,” Dabb said of the season finale. “Like I said, some of the scene work is different. There aren’t as many bad guys in a scene as we would normally have because of COVID restrictions. But in terms of plot, in terms of character, nothing is fundamentally different.”

Earlier this month, TheWrap caught up with Richard Speight Jr., who played the archangel Gabriel on “Supernatural” and also directed four episodes of the 15th and final season. Here’s what he had to say about the show’s epic wrap-up:

“It’s intensely emotional stuff we’re tackling because there’s so much value to these stories and so much history to these characters that navigating this kind of climax, you can’t not be completely wrapped up in the peril that they face and the inevitable emotion that ensues from the results,” he said.

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