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'Supernatural' Refresher: Everything You Need to Remember Before Season 15 Returns

Here's a quick refresher before tonight's new episode

When we last saw "Supernatural," it was March 23, quarantine had just barely begun and, like alt-world Sam and Dean when they were pulled from the rift, we had no idea what we were about to experience.

The first of the final seven episodes of the series premieres tonight on The CW, and we've got a refresher here if you need it. It's been six whole months since that midseason finale -- Season 15, episode 13, "Destiny's Child" -- and we now find ourselves in October, good people: the perfect month in which to start the beginning of the end of this beloved monster-hunting tale. Well, actually, monster-hunting is the last thing on Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean's (Jensen Ackles) list right about now -- all of the demons they caught in prior seasons have apparently escaped from Hell, anyway -- but they are going to hunt down God, A.K.A. Chuck, and they intend to kill him before he destroys the world.

Last we saw of our heroes, they were actually trying not to be found by good ole' Chuck -- which is why running into alt-world Sam and Dean in "Destiny's Child" was so convenient. Nevermind that Chuck never actually showed up to look for them, making it completely unnecessary for man-bun-sporting Sam and pressed-shirt-and-collar-wearing Dean -- who, in their alternate universe, drive a pastel Fiat instead of Baby, run the multi-million dollar Hunter Corp with their still-living father, and have a private jet at their disposal -- to pretend to be the real Sam and Dean in the bunker.

But their antics did give us a very pleasant and humorous respite from that uncomfortable visit to The Empty, where Castiel found Ruby (Genevieve Padalecki, who's married to Jared Padalecki in real life). She told him the location of the Occultum, a mysterious and ancient object that we don't know much about, but that will be essential in their fight against God.

We also got to see Sister Jo (Danneel Ackles, married to Jensen Ackles in real-life), who led the boys on a wild goose chase to Hell that was actually just a trap to kill them. But they escaped, of course, and made it back in time to seek out the Occultum where it was hidden in a Hell-hound guarded church.

Castiel found the thing, which turned out to be a little silver engraved ball roughly the size of the Golden Snitch, and Jack promptly swallowed it and was transported to the Garden of Eden. There he met the snake, who flooded his mind with painful memories, which gives him back the ability to feel. And feel he did -- badly, particularly, for his part in the death of Mary Winchester.

The episode ends with Sam, Dean, and Castiel looking on as Jack weeps over his guilt. Will the brothers ever forgive him for his part in their mother's death? That remains to be seen, but at least he has his soul back.

Tune in tonight, Thursday, Oct. 8 at 8/7c on The CW for Season 15, Episode 14 -- the first of the last seven episodes of "Supernatural."