Supreme Court Abortion Rights Decision Sets Twitter on Fire

“SCOTUS’s decision is a victory for women in Texas and across America,” Hillary Clinton says

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Monday’s Supreme Court decision to strike down rules governing Texas abortion clinics on Monday has set Twitter on fire as justices voted 5-3 in favor of clinics.

In a tweet signed, “H,” meaning Hillary Clinton wrote it herself, the presumptive Democratic nominee said, “SCOTUS’s decision is a victory for women in Texas and across America. Safe abortion should be a right — not just on paper, but in reality.”

Clinton then noted that “This fight isn’t over: The next president has to protect women’s health. Women won’t be ‘punished’ for exercising their basic rights.”

The SCOTUSblog tweeted, “Justice Kennedy’s votes to preserve aff action and strike down abortion restrictions, plus major rulings last term, are a marked move left.”

Others had a different take, such as one Twitter user who wrote, “Liberals love murder so they’re celebrating the Supreme Court Decision cuz it allows them to legally sacrifice more babies to Satan in Texas.”

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