Supreme Court’s DOMA, Prop 8 Rulings Ignite the Twitterverse

How do Twitter stats during the announcement of the landmark decision stack up?

Twitter reports that at the time of the Supreme Court announcement that it was striking down part of the Defense of Marriage Act and did not have jurisdiction to hear the Prop 8 case, there were 9,188 tweets per minute.

Topsy reported that there have been nearly 38,000 tweets with the hashtag "#DOMA" in the last 24 hours, and almost 26,000 with the hashtag "#SCOTUS."

To put it in perspective, there were about 13,000 tweets per minute during last June's Obamacare decision, and a record 237,000 tweets per minute when President Obama won the election last November.

Topsy's analytics tool tracked the number of mentions of "DOMA" "SCOTUS" and "prop 8" over the last month — as you can see, there was quite a spike leading up to Wednesday's decision (click the image for  larger version):