Surprise: Clinton Joins Sanders in Call For Michigan Governor’s Resignation — After Her Camp Said She Wouldn’t

Sanders asked for Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to resign back in January, and on Sunday, Clinton agreed

Hillary Clinton did something unexpected in Sunday’s Democratic debate: She joined Bernie Sanders in calling for Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to resign.

Sanders asked for Snyder’s resignation back on Jan. 16, and made the same statement in Sunday’s debate in Flint, Mich., a city poisoned by lead-tainted water.

“Amen to that,” Hillary Clinton began after Sanders’ statement. “I agree — the governor should resign or be recalled.”

Both Democrats have been outspoken about Flint’s lead-tainted water and both have visited the city to show support. But Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer during the pre-debate coverage that a key difference between Clinton and Sanders was that she was not calling for Snyder’s resignation.

Fallon said Snyder’s resignation wouldn’t help the people of Flint.

Also, CNN reported that Bill Clinton has previously knocked Sanders for calling for Snyder’s resignation as a first reaction to Flint’s water crisis.

During the debate, Snyder went on Twitter to defend himself.

The Michigan primary is this Tuesday.