‘Survivor: David vs. Goliath’ Crowns Season 37 Winner

Who came out on top at the end of the two-hour season finale?


(Warning: This post contains spoilers for the season finale of “Survivor: David vs. Goliath.”)

“Survivor” revealed its Season 37 champion on Wednesday night, with Kentucky public defender Nick Wilson winning the “David vs. Goliath”-themed CBS competition.


The night began with six remaining castaways: Wilson and Davie Rickenbacker from the former David tribe and Kara Kay, Angelina Keeley, Alison Raybould and Mike White from the former Goliath tribe.

Rickenbacker, Raybould and Kay were eliminated in that order, leaving Wilson as the final member of the David tribe facing off against White and Keeley for the title of Sole Survivor.

After an intense interrogation from the previously eliminated contestants, Wilson nabbed enough votes in the final Tribal Council of the season to beat the competition and win the $1-million prize.

During the “Reunion Special,” which aired immediately after the finale, Wilson explained that his religious background made him feel that being on this specific season was meant to be.

“I tried to get on the show for so many years, so when we were sitting on that barge in the very beginning and they drop the [banner] and it says ‘David vs. Goliath,’ you know, I grew up in Sunday school, I’m thinking, ‘This is the season I’m supposed to be on.’ It felt like fate,” the Kentucky native said in the special.

Season 38 of ‘Survivor’ is scheduled to premiere in spring of next year.