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‘Survivor’ Finale Has Fans in a Tizzy After Twist: ‘This Is Hillary vs Trump All Over Again’

Many viewers object to whose torch went out at the end of ”Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers“

A brand new twist allowed Ben Driebergen to escape elimination and win “Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers” on Wednesday’s finale. However, not everyone on Twitter was thrilled with the jury’s decision to hand more than $1 million to Driebergen, when his final competitor, Chrissy Hofbeck would have won under different circumstances.

Hofbeck won Season 35’s final immunity challenge and received a note telling her that instead of voting someone out — as per usual — she’d bring another player with her and two more would have to duke it out in a fire-making challenge to advance in the game. This meant that Driebergen was most certainly about to lose the game, because the other players were ready to vote him out. But the twist allowed him to fight contestant Devon Pinto in the competition, as Hofbeck brought Ryan Ulrich with her.

Driebergen beat Pinto, then played three immunity idols in a row and won the game even when everyone was planning to vote him out, as the jury thought those accomplishments were worth $1 million. Fans on Twitter were quick to point out Chrissy had won the last three immunity challenges and even tied the record for most individual immunity wins (four) by a woman on “Survivor.”

Comparisons were made to Hillary Clinton losing to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, along with many other pointed jabs at the game being rigged.

“Chrissy losing to Ben is Hillary vs. Trump all over again … the more qualified female with a proven track record lost against an abrasive loudmouth who got to the end simply by dumb luck,” one user tweeted. “i’m 5000% done.”

Of course, there were people who sided with Driebergen too, cause that’s the way life goes.

See the best reactions to the “Survivor” finale below.