‘Survivor’ Sneak Peek: An Epic Clash of Vanity, Aggression and Arrogance (Video)

Face-punching fanatics? Lookism? Get ready for a classy time

The latest season of CBS’s reality competition “Survivor” premieres on Wednesday, and an advance look at the upcoming run has hit the internet to give fans an idea of what to expect.

Perhaps not surprisingly, it looks like the upcoming season will involve a clash of egos among a group of people who are absolutely convinced that they have what it takes to win.

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This season divides the tribes up along lines of beauty, brains and brawn to find out which characteristic will emerge triumphant, and already the delineation is creating some pretty choice quotes.

Such as this gem from Sarah, a police officer and mixed martial arts enthusiast on the brawn tribe: “Getting paid to punch someone in the face? It doesn’t really get better than that.”

Or another tidbit from Alexis, a member of the beauty tribe: “I don’t see the guys saying, ‘Oh, I want to vote her off right away!’ They don’t want to look at ugly girls all day!'”

Let the games begin! But not before watching the video below.