Susan Kelechi Watson Was Backstage at ‘This Is Us’ Hubby Sterling K Brown’s ‘SNL’ Episode

Actress tells TheWrap that spoof of the NBC drama — and Brown’s Ben Carson impression — had her in stitches

This is Us Sterling K Brown Susan Kelechi Watson
Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Did you watch Sterling K. Brown’s first shot at hosting “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend? Well, so did “This Is Us” star Susan Kelechi Watson.

But what kind of TV wife would she be if she just tuned in from home? “Not only did I catch him, I was backstage supporting him,” Watson tells TheWrap.

“Yeah, I was backstage in the room where it happened, supporting my boy, who just did such an amazing job,” Watson says. “He was just so great. It was a joy just to be there and support him. So much fun, you know? Such a great group. And we had a blast. We had a really, really great time.”

Watson, who plays Beth to Brown’s Randall on “This Is Us,” was particularly proud of seeing her on-screen hubby in the “This Is U.S.” sketch — a Trump White House-themed spoof on the NBC family drama.

“I think his portrayal of Dr. Ben Carson, I though that was really good,” Watson said, laughing. “Really good and hilarious. Yes it was like ‘This Is U.S?’ Look at me! I’m so biased. I pick the ‘This Is Us’ one. And I liked the opening monologue. [Sterling] talking about not being emotional but getting emotional? Wonderful.”

Of course, Watson is very familiar with the wonder that is Brown, having now worked alongside the Emmy-winning actor for two seasons of the critically-acclaimed tearjerker.

“I feel incredibly blessed at the opportunity to work with Sterling, not just because he’s a great person, but also he’s just a phenomenal scene partner,” Watson said. “It’s just great to have a scene partner that’s right there with you. That you can talk with. That is imaginative and fearless and curious and invested. Those are things that make a great actor a great artist. He’s always trying to do better than he did last time.”

“So I get to play with that daily,” she continued. “And it’s very much my job to be the same thing for him. For me, I know what a gift it is that I get to play with him. And that I get to do this with him. That’s not something that’s lost on me and I’m thankful that we make a great team, together. And outside of that, he is just such a wonderful person and friend. And that makes the time fun an enjoyable and kind of fly by.”

The Season 2 finale of “This Is Us” airs Tuesday, March 13 at 9 p.m. on NBC.