Susan Sarandon in NBCSN Booth for Rangers v Penguins Game Dubbed a ‘Dark Day in Hockey’

One Twitter user offers “$50 dollars to any Penguin and/or Rangers player to hit Susan Sarandon with a puck”

Last Updated: March 14, 2018 @ 10:31 PM

Susan Sarandon is such a devoted hockey mom that she even had a rink built in the back yard of her Westchester, New York, home for her kids to skate on.

But that didn’t stop fans from lambasting her on Wednesday night when the “Thelma & Louise” star joined NBCSN commentator analyst Pierre McGuire in the booth for the first period of the New York Rangers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins game.

A die-hard Rangers fan, Sarandon knows her hockey — but her NHL commentary didn’t sit well with everyone.

Both Rangers and Penguins faithful took to Twitter to complain about the “Feud” actress’ mic skills … and pretty much anything that came out of her mouth.

“$50 dollars to any Penguin and/or Rangers player to hit Susan Sarandon with a puck,” one Twitter user offered.

“Hey Sports fans: if you think Joe Buck is bad, NBC has Susan Sarandon doing the Rangers/Penguins game. It’s a dark day in hockey, folks,” another wrote.

Even Rob Lowe took notice, asking: “Wait, Susan Sarandon is announcing a hockey game??” But he was too polite to offer any negative comment.

Sarandon is the latest non-hockey personality to join the NBCSN team for NHL coverage, with NASCAR driver Joey Logano and Philadelphia Eagles’ linebacker Mychal Kendricks both preceding her.

See the tweets below.

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