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Susan Sarandon Rips ‘Very Dangerous’ Hillary Clinton: If She’d Won, ‘We’d Be at War’

”It wouldn’t be much smoother,“ Oscar-winner says of the state of the country if Clinton was president

A year after the presidential election that put Donald Trump in the Oval Office, Susan Sarandon said she is still harangued by the left for not supporting Hillary Clinton, whom she continues to call “very, very dangerous.”

Sarandon told The Guardian that although she hasn’t “exactly” said that Clinton is more dangerous in the long-run than Trump, she does believe that the former Secretary of State would have the country at war if she had won the election.

“I did think she was very, very dangerous,” Sarandon said. “We would still be fracking, we would be at war [if she was president]. It wouldn’t be much smoother.”

Recently, Sarandon said she stands with Dreamers [children brought illegally to the US, whose path to legal citizenship] only to hear from the left, “How dare you! You who are responsible for this!'”

“That’s why we’re going to lose again if we depend on the DNC [the Democratic National Committee], because the amount of denial,” she said in defense. “I mean it’s very flattering to think that I, on my own, cost the election. That my little voice was the deciding factor.”

In April, Sarandon — who was a Bernie Sanders supporter that went on to vote for third-party candidate Jill Stein in the general election — was slammed on Twitter for saying that the Trump presidency has, in some ways, been good for America. “People are really awake now because the cracks have let the light in,” Sarandon told host Stephen Colbert, echoing comments she’s made since the election.

“All the fracking that’s been going on, the pipelines were all there before Trump got in,” she said. “This has been going on, but now everybody’s awake, they’re energized, right? They’re calling their senators, they’re donating to all of these groups.”