‘Swamp Thing’: DC Universe Show Casts Its Swamp Thing, His Human Alter-Ego

Derek Mears and Andy Bean will split the gig

Getty Images/Brezinski Photography

“Swamp Thing” has found its… Swamp Thing, along with its human alter ego, Alec Holland.

Warner Bros. announced Tuesday that Derek Mears will portray Swamp Thing, while Andy Bean will play Holland. The two join a cast that includes Crystal Reed as Abby Arcane, Maria Sten as Liz Tremayne, and Jeryl Prescott as Madame Xanadu.

The character is described as emerging from the swamp with a monstrous physique and strange new powers over plant life, the man who was once Alec Holland struggles to hold onto his humanity. When dark forces converge on the town of Marais, Swamp Thing must embrace what he has become in order to defend the town as well as the natural world at large. Prior to his life as the elemental hero, Holland was a biologist who gets caught in the crosshairs of a small town nightmare, when he discovers a bizarre local illness may be connected to his work in the swamp.

Per DC Universe, “Swamp Thing” follows Abby Arcane as she investigates what seems to be a deadly swamp-born virus in a small town in Louisiana but soon discovers that the swamp holds mystical and terrifying secrets. When unexplainable and chilling horrors emerge from the murky marsh, no one is safe.

Bean is set to star in “It: Chapter 2” alongside James McAvoy, Bill Skarsgard and Jessica Chastain, as the adult version of Stanley (who was played by Wyatt Oleff in the 2017 film). Mears is no stranger to playing supernatural beings, having been the latest to play the role of Jason Voorhees in the 2009 “Friday the 13th” reboot.

“Swamp Thing” is executive produced by James Wan, Mark Verheiden, Gary Dauberman, Michael Clear and Len Wiseman. “Swamp Thing” is based on DC characters created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson. Rob Hackett is co-producer. The series is produced by Atomic Monster in association with Warner Bros. Television. The pilot is written by Verheiden and Dauberman, and Wiseman is set to direct.

“Swamp Thing” is one of several live-action series coming to the new digital platform DC Universe, including “Stargirl,” which was announced at Comic-Con, “Doom Patrol,” a revival of the Cartoon Network series “Young Justice,” the live-action Lois Lane-Lex Luthor series “Metropolis,” and an animated Harley Quinn series. The streaming service debuted “Titans,” its first series, in October.