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Swarms of Santas Take Over a City Near You for #SantaCon

Santa Claus wannabes hit the streets from San Francisco to London and everywhere in between

Santa Claus is coming town. In fact, he already came to 380 towns, 51 countries and, according to scores of people on social media, he also paid a visit to a bar or two!

No, Santa hasn’t been naughty; he’s still nice. The plethora of white-bearded chubby guys in red suits was just the annual gathering of faux Santas across the globe for what Yahoo has deemed “the worldwide SantaCon holiday pub crawl.”

According to SantaCon.info, SantaCon is simply a gathering of people (men and women) dressed as Santa just for the fun of it.

And, as they put it, “being silly and probably partaking of some alcohol.” That explains the red cheeks and uncontrollable chuckle.

Although the holiday spirit is usually contagious, some Grinches find them just plain annoying, as witnessed by the tweets below. To them, we say “Bah humbug!”