Sydney Sweeney Says Social Media ‘Can Be Very Damaging’: ‘People Don’t Have the Full Story’ (Video)

“UnWrapped” Podcast: “Nobody actually, I think, even wants to listen to the truth,” Sweeney said

Though many celebrities are starting to avoid extended time on social media these days — or even having a presence there altogether — “Reality” star Sydney Sweeney isn’t among them. That said, the actress does think social platforms “can be very damaging,” especially considering how people jump to conclusions.

“For me, people don’t have the full story, they see a picture and that is it. Or they see one quote and not the context behind a conversation that you have with somebody,” Sweeney said during a recent appearance on WrapWomen’s “UnWrapped” podcast. “And there’s so much that can just be misconstrued and spun for someone else’s agenda.”

She’s figuring out how to handle it though, on “a day-by-day basis.” She sees posts about her, certainly, but Sweeney notes that she also has to see them through a very specific lens.

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“I have to just understand that and I can’t control that, because that would be really, really a lot of work and very difficult,” she said. “And nobody actually, I think, even wants to listen to the truth. So you just got to kind of take it.”

But the actress also acknowledges that there can be an incredibly powerful part of social media, especially as storyteller. Whether it’s sharing news or promoting a new project, having a platform to educate and connect with people isn’t something she takes for granted.

“It’s such an amazing opportunity and platform for everybody to be able to connect and for you to learn and for you to share,” she said.

You can listen to Sweeney’s full appearance on “UnWrapped” above, or wherever you get podcasts, and watch the interview in full here.