Syfy Brings Back ‘Merlin’ for Season 4

The wizard-centric series will return in 2012

Nobody beats the wiz — the Camelot wizard Merlin, that is, at least in terms of getting Syfy to announce on Monday that it has ponied up for another season of a show bearing his name.

Indeed, Syfy has acquired the fourth season of "Merlin," a British drama that imagines the years leading up to Prince Arthur's legendary ascension to the throne in the way that "Smallville" focused on Clark Kent's more angsty years.

New episodes of "Merlin" will premiere on the network in 2012, and the main cast, including John Hurt as the voice of the Great Dragon, is all on board. Anthony Stewart Head of "Buffy" fame will reprise his role as Arthur's ruthless father King Uther.

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NBC aired the first season in Summer 2009 before shifting it to sister network Syfy in 2010.

The third season of "Merlin," which ended in April, averaged a not-unmagical 1.9M total viewers. Good job, "Merlin"!