Syfy Fires Up ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’ Remake

It’ll star Malcolm McDowell and “X-Files” alum Nicholas Lea

Syfy started production in Vancouver Friday on an update of cult classic "The Philadelphia Experiment" that will star Malcolm McDowell and Nicholas Lea.

The plot of the time-travel thriller is modeled on an urban legend about a military experiment that was allegedly conducted during World War II that would have allowed a U.S. Navy destroyer to cloak itself from enemy tracking devices.

In the movie, this very ship turns up in the present while a team of researchers are trying to replicate the experiment, and chaos ensues.

Lea — best known for playing the double-dealing Alex Krycek on "The X-Files" — plays the sole survivor of the original experiment who must now help thwart the modern-day project. McDowell appears as the scientist who helmed the experiment back in 1943.

A sci-fi film based on the hoax was produced in 1984 and starred Michael Paré — who also has a small part in Syfy's version as a villain.