T.I. Says Donald Trump is Trying to Divide and Conquer Black People (Video)

The rapper blasts Kanye, Steve Harvey and Martin Luther King III for meeting with the President-elect

Tip T.I. Harris Ant-Man
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Rapper T.I. believes that Donald Trump is meeting with people like Kanye West, Steve Harvey, Martin Luther King III and Jim Brown in order to appeal to African-Americans — and divide them.

The rapper aka Tip uploaded a series of videos to his social media account on Monday in which he called on the black population to not accept invitations to meet with the President-elect — because even if the meeting seems friendly, there’s always a hidden agenda.

“I’m gonna tell all you celebrities — black, minority, all of you, athletes — there’s a strategic plan that people are trying to make you a part of. So do not accept any invitation to have any meeting no matter how positive you think the outcome may be,” he said. “You being there, being seen with them taking pictures and smiling and being positive, it may seem positive to you, but there’s a hidden agenda.”

T.I. said Trump and his administration understood how adamantly the hip-hop community and young black people were against him being president, so they thought that by getting West to meet with Trump, they could get others to “fall right in line.”

“On the week where you’re going back and forth with Martin Luther King, homeboy one of the most prolific civil rights activist of all time, you’re going to get Martin Luther King’s son on Martin Luther King Day to come in there and meet with you?” said T.I.  “Y’all gotta see this man, divide and conquer.”

The “Whatever You Like” artist added that there’s nothing wrong with sitting down with people who have different views from you, as long as they give you the basic human decency of not supporting hate groups that are meant to dismantle your progress. He then went on to call out everyone that met with Trump.

“Kanye, what the f— you doing? Steve, you know way better than that. Jim Brown, really? Martin Luther King, it’s your goddamn daddy birthday, bro,” added Tip. “Willie Lynch read up on it, don’t be a part of it be against it.”

See the rapper’s videos below.

A video posted by TIP (@troubleman31) on Jan 16, 2017 at 11:39am PST

A video posted by TIP (@troubleman31) on Jan 16, 2017 at 11:56am PST

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