T-Mobile CEO Apologizes for AT&T, Verizon Rape Remarks (Video)

“I know I have an Rated R vocabulary, but even I can go too far,” John Legere tweeted after video of his remarks sparked an online uproar

John Legere is the latest public figure learning the hard way to watch his mouth, particularly when there are cameras around.

During a press event at T-Mobile headquarters, the company’s CEO opened fire on competitors Verizon and AT&T, bashing their maps and graphs along with their inability to provide unlimited data and minutes to their customers.

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Things took a turn for the nasty when Legere got a little heated, letting loose with the following rant: “These high and mighty duopolists that are raping you for every penny you have. If they could do something nice for you, they would. [But] the f-ckers hate you.”

The remarks quickly went viral, but for his part, Legere was also quick to issue an apology. “I know I have an Rated R vocabulary, but even I can go too far,” he tweeted. “Sincere apologies to anyone offended last night.”

Legere’s Twitter followers, however, have his back. “Never apologize for speaking the truth,” said one. “Your cursing is the reason I tune into uncarrier events,” said another, perhaps having missed the controversy entirely.

Still, there are others who’d rather add insult to injury, tweeting, “you also have poor grammar. ‘an Rated R’ huh?”