Take a Good, Long Look at ‘White House Down’ in Explosive 4-Minute Trailer (Video)

The Sony Pictures release lands in theaters on June 28

Still on the fence about seeing "White House Down" later this month? Sony is hoping a glimpse of over four minutes of footage from the Roland Emmerich ("Independence Day") flick will get audiences hungry for explosive Channing Tatum-filled action.

The film follows Tatum as an aspiring Secret Service agent who has a not-so-stellar interview for the prestigious position during the same day a terrorist group invades the White House to kidnap the President, played by Jamie Foxx. While the rest of the President's armed guards are M.I.A., Tatum steps up to rescue his Commander in Chief and even teaches him how to use a rocket launcher.

See video: 'White House Down' Trailer: Jamie Foxx Joins Channing Tatum in the Action

Maggie Gyllenhaal ("The Dark Knight") co-stars as the senior Secret Service agent who is hesitant to give Tatum a chance, in the first place, but is incredibly grateful by his willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. Richard Jenkins ("The Visitor") plays the Speaker of the House and Jason Clarke ("Zero Dark Thirty") plays the villain, who is yet to be fully revealed in the marketing.

Watch the extended trailer for the film: