Tamron Hall Understands Why Her Larsa Pippen Interview Was ‘Tough’ For the “Real Housewives of Miami’ Star: ‘Because of the Judgment’

The TV host reflects on questioning the reality personality about her relationship with Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus

Tamron Hall, Larsa Pippen (Photo credit: Getty Images)
Tamron Hall, Larsa Pippen (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Tamron Hall understood why her interview with Larsa Pippen was “tough” for “The Real Housewives of Miami” star, and reflected on what was behind her line of questioning.

“The Larsa Pippen interview got a lot of attention, and still is getting a lot of attention,” Hall told TheWrap of her chat with the reality star. “And I understand why that was a tough interview for her — because of the judgment that even continues.”

Pippen — one of the “RHOM” veterans and the ex-wife of Chicago Bulls retiree Scottie Pippen — appeared on Hall’s daytime talk show “Tamron Hall” on Feb. 28. While there, Pippen opened up about myriad of topics, including her romantic relationship with Marcus Jordan — the son of Scottie’s former teammate Michael Jordan, which gained a lot of attention over the last year.

Speculations around Jordan and Pippen being an item started up back in the September 2022, but when the two went public officially back in January 2023, the conversation was amplified with many with many questioning the the couple’s legitimacy and Pippen’s intentions and ethics.

To gain her perspective, get an overview of the two’s dynamic and ask some of the burning questions fans might have, Hall asked Pippen how she and Jordan met, how long they’d known one another, what they have in common and why she decided to date Jordan knowing that Scottie and Michael didn’t have the best relationship before, during and after their time with the Bulls.

“I didn’t feel the questions were tough because they were logical questions,” Hall explained to TheWrap, while breaking down some of her previous interviews and the challenges they can come with them. “They were questions about either what she posted or what she presented on the show that she is on, and so I felt that that was a great example of an authentic conversation. I thought it was a great example of what we do, which is provide a safe space for people to tell their stories.”

Larsa ended up telling Hall she and Jordan’s relationship wasn’t “planned,” that she should have the “freedom” to date who she wants and that she has met Jordan’s parents, whom she said supports their romance. After the interview went live, folks shared their thoughts on the conversation, and that included Pippen. In April, Pippen called her chat with Hall “negative and judgmental” in the comment section of The Shade Room’s Instagram post. She also threw shots at Hall, saying that if Hall “wants to audition for ‘Housewives’ I know somebody.”

Hall’s response to Pippen came shortly after Pippen’s remarks. In an interview with E! News, the host said Pippen was “entitled” to her feelings about the interview and mentioned that guests know the topics that will be discussed on the show prior to their appearance but that specific questions aren’t shared with guests in order to uphold journalist integrity. “I want them to know that this is an authentic conversation, and my job is to not waste the time of the people watching at home,” Hall said at the time. “I don’t benefit from an ambush interview.”

Hall said her sentiments then are the same feelings she has about the interview now, adding that she always wants to know her guests’ purpose and intentions before they sit down.

“That is our goal; whether they feel that way about their answers is always tricky, but I felt like that [interview] was a good one,” Hall said. “Prior to that, there have been you know…I don’t see them as tough because I try my best to understand why that person is on and what they want from it. Because that’s always the key. What do you want from this interview? On this show? Stassi Schroeder, what do you want from this interview on this show? And I think that’s my launch point. Always.”


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