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Liberals Lose It After Tax Reform Bill Passes in House: ‘We No Longer Live in a Democracy’

Blue Check Twitter calls GOP bill irresponsible giveaway to the rich

House Republicans declared victory after passing their long awaited final tax reform package on Tuesday. The measure passed comfortably in the House of Representatives on a mostly party-line vote.

However, the victory celebration had to be postponed after the Senate parliamentarian ruled that two provisions in the bill violated the procedural rules of reconciliation. The provisions will be removed from the Senate version of the bill, then kicked back to the house for a final vote, likely held Wednesday.

The final version faces a slightly less certain future in the Senate, but the bill is widely expected to pass and make it to President Donald Trump’s desk for his signature before Christmas.

While Republicans cheered, liberals on Twitter sang a very different song, decrying the bill as a giveaway to the rich, fiscally irresponsible and perhaps even the end of democracy itself.