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Taylor Swift Takes Crazy, Jealous Girlfriend to a Whole New Level in ‘Blank Space’ Video

Pop star explores stereotypes of jealous women by embracing them with disturbing and unflinching honesty

Taylor Swift is done shaking it off and ready to get down and dirty in a thorough examination of the public’s perception of her dating life. In her latest video from her pop debut, “1989,” Swift fully embraces the persona of a crazed girlfriend who’s just one fit of jealousy away from a complete freak-out.

“Blank Space” is an infectious tune that explores stereotypes of jealous and crazy girlfriends by showing exactly what that looks like from the inside. Because she writes most of her songs about her own relationships, Swift often receives unwarranted criticism for and undue attention paid to her personal life.

In the lyrics, Swift explains to her new beau how she has a long list of ex-lovers, and they all think she’s insane.

“You can tell me when it’s over / If the high was worth the pain,” she sings.

The video juxtaposes Swift’s increasing paranoia and recklessness with beautiful and serene imagery of an opulent lifestyle. Through multiple wardrobe changes, Swift is gorgeous and stunning throughout — even as makeup streams down her face in an animal print dress. She’s a dangerous beauty, though, and one it’s probably best not to get too close to in the first place.