Taylor Tomlinson on Reviewing Mental Health Jokes With Her Therapist: ‘I’m a Very Personal Comic’

“UnWrapped” Podcast: “There’s a careful balance you have to strike between oversharing and then also knowing when being vulnerable is going to help other people.”

Taylor Tomlinson is an average 30-year-old – well, almost. She hosts her own late night show, has released three Netflix comedy specials and headlined one of the top 10 highest-grossing comedy tours in the world. But she also makes time for her friends, family and therapist. In fact, the latter is actually someone with whom she works out some of her material.

Appearing on the most recent episode of the “UnWrapped” Podcast, the “After Midnight” host, who has been known to address topics including her sexuality, struggles with bipolar disorder and the passing of her mother on stage, recalled reviewing certain mental health jokes with her therapist. 

“At one point she said, ‘Maybe we don’t talk about it on stage for a little while and just process.’ And I was like, ‘Too late. I’m already doing it,’” Tomlinson revealed with a laugh.

But getting personal like that on stage is something Tomlinson feels is important, and a key part of her style of comedy.

“I’m a very personal comic, and I tend to just write about whatever I’m going through,” she said. She added that, as a comedian, “if I write a good joke about something, I don’t really have a choice. I just got to do it.” 

As she’s gotten older, however, Tomlinson revealed she’s gotten “pickier” about the personal topics she addresses, acknowledging the “careful balance” between “oversharing” and “knowing when being vulnerable is going to help other people.”

During this episode, Tomlinson also… 

  • Talks about navigating the world of late night comedy: “It really is everything I wanted it to be.” 
  • Reveals the best advice she received from Stephen Colbert: “You don’t need to be as good as you think you need to be.”
  • Addresses life as a 30-year-old: “Being 29 is really embarrassing. It feels like you are staying at a party for too long. And everybody’s like, ‘Why are you still here?’”
  • Shares advice with stand-up comedians: “Go to open mic nights… move to a city with a good comedy scene and make friends and write with your friends.”

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