TCA: ‘The Bridge’ Murder Will Be Solved ‘Way Before the End’ of Season 1

The still-unannounced Season 2 will not focus on one big crime, showrunners say

FX's "The Bridge" will not be recycling Season 1 plots for its next season, which has yet to be announced by the network but expected as a result of strong critical reviews.

The first season brings together a Mexican policeman (Demian Bichir) and an American homicide detective (Diane Kruger) when a body is discovered on the bridge spanning the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez border.

The murder will be solved well before the end of Season 1, showrunners Elwood Reid and Meredith Stiehm said Friday at TCAs. Reid added that Season 2 will not focus on one big crime.

"We're not going to have a serial killer of the season every year," he said. "We're going to get into different crime stories, kind of like the wire did."

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"That crime is sort of like throwing a stone into a pond that has ripple effects," Reid said. "But we will solve that crime, we will put it away in a very dramatic fashion way before the end of the season."

"We're not just going to put that crime down and start another crime in the second season," he added. "The thing that's taking place in this season has radically transformed the lives of most of our characters. The killer in a very odd way kind of connects people through his actions."