Tech Talk With Sean Burch and Alex Kantrowitz: How Twitter and Facebook ‘Crack Down’ on Misinformation | PRO Video

Instead of moderation, platforms ”should focus on limiting virality,“ Kantrowitz says

2020 has stood out for plenty of reasons. But perhaps the most notable development in tech this year has been the willingness of  Facebook and Twitter to increasingly moderate content, from purging fake news on COVID-19 to adding warning labels to President Trump’s posts. Have those measures gone too far?

That’s what TheWrap’s Sean Burch and Alex Kantrowitz, publisher of the Big Technology newsletter, debated on this week’s episode of Tech Talk.

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Alex Kantrowitz

Alex Kantrowitz is the founder of Big Technology, a free newsletter and podcast about Big Tech and society. He's also the author of "Always Day One: How the Tech Titans Plan to Stay on Top Forever" and a contributor at CNBC.

Sean Burch

Tech reporter • • @SeanB44