Ted Cruz Runs Wild on CNBC, Media for Propping Up Democrats

“How about talking about the substantive issues people care about?” Texas senator says to loud applause from the crowd at third GOP presidential debate

Getty Images

Ted Cruz had some choice words for the media during Wednesday’s GOP debate in Boulder, Colorado.

The Texas Senator went off on debate host CNBC for being part of a left-leaning media establishment that’s out to target Republicans — and for asking softball questions of candidates that lack substance.

“The questions asked in this debate illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media,” Cruz said. “This is not a cage match. Donald Trump, are you a comic book villain? Marco Rubio, why don’t you resign? Jeb Bush, why have your numbers fallen? How about talking about the substantive issues?” Cruz pleaded to a loud applause from the crowd.

He went on to accuse the media of kissing the Democrats’ feet during the party’s first presidential debate this month where, he said, “every thought and question from the media was, ‘Which of you is more handsome and why?’”

“The men and women on this stage have more ideas, more experience, more common sense than every participant in the Democratic debate,” Cruz said. “That debate reflected a debate between the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks.”

Cruz concluded his rage against the media by predicting that none of CNBC’s moderators — Becky Quick, John Harwood and Carl Quintanilla — have any intention of voting for a Republican.

“Nobody watching at home believes any of the moderators have intentions of voting in a Republican primary,” Cruz said to thunderous applause.