Ted Cruz ‘Eats Hair’ in Latest Bad Lip Reading Installment (Video)

Presidential candidate’s wife Heidi reveals the senator’s “always kinda freaky”

Last Updated: March 2, 2016 @ 8:58 AM

Ted Cruz is the latest victim of the Bad Lip Reading treatment, just ahead of his victories in Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska on Super Tuesday.

In the video, Cruz’s wife Heidi reveals that the presidential candidate likes to eat hair, the senator tells a young boy that he is the devil, and he admits he likes to twerk.

Cruz also tests out various new campaign slogans in the video, such as “your face is in my face” and “if you want boyfriend time, then you must be a girlfriend.”

Cruz prays with kids at a dinner table after one of his daughters admits she hates cigarettes, and he even reads them a bedtime story in which he lights a cabin on fire.

On Super Tuesday, Cruz claimed a win in his home state Texas, as well as Alaska and Oklahoma. However, Donald Trump was the big winner of the night, taking Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Massachusetts and Vermont.

Watch the video. 


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