Ted Cruz Flip-Flops on Same-Sex Marriage in Closed-Door Recording

Politico obtains recording of a Cruz fundraiser where the Texas senator reverses course on fighting same-sex marriage

Fresh off an outcry of support in the wake of a Washington Post cartoon that depicted his daughters as monkeys, Ted Cruz still had negative press to deal with on Wednesday.

Politico reported on closed-door recordings it obtained from a Manhattan fundraiser for the Texas senator in which he flip-flopped on his vow to fight the legalization of same-sex marriage.

At the big-money fundraiser, Cruz was asked if fighting the Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same-sex marriage would be a “top three priority.” Cruz answered, “No.”

This is a radical departure from previous comments Cruz made in June that promised to make reversing the ruling “front and center” of his 2016 campaign.

He followed up those comments in July by calling the Court’s decision the “very definition of tyranny,” while urging states to ignore the ruling.

Cruz’s brand and messaging centers on him being anti-establishment and different than go-along-to-get-along politicians, so reports like this don’t help his cause.

Cruz has also railed against the media in debates and interviews for what he perceives as a left-wing bias. Those same outlets he’s attacked are likely to focus on his inconsistencies and dig in to try and uncover more.