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Ted Cruz Clowned for Saying Pop Culture’s Biggest Idiot, Homer Simpson, Is a Republican

Cruz also compared Democrats to Lisa Simpson, which liberals took as a huge compliment

On Thursday, Republican senator Ted Cruz tried to insult his political opponents by comparing them to Lisa Simpson, and Republicans to Homer Simpson. But the dis fell flat when his targets agreed with him completely.

During a discussion at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Thursday, conservative commentator Ben Domenech said the ongoing debate about gun control was similar to an episode of the Simpsons. To that, Cruz said “I think the Democrats are the party of Lisa Simpson and Republicans are happily the party of Homer and Bart and Maggie and Marge.”

The response was a collective arched eyebrow from Democratic fans of the long-running Fox animated series. Some pointed out that Lisa is the show’s smartest and most ethically consistent character. Others noted that Homer is a drunken idiot and arguably “the stupidest man in Springfield,” (which means comparisons to him are the real insult).  

A still greater number noted the unintentional irony of Cruz’s comparison, thanks to a 2000 episode of “The Simpsons” called “Bart to the Future,” in which Lisa and Bart get a glimpse of their lives in the far-flung future of the 2020s. As it turns out, Lisa ends up being elected president, and specifically, she’s forced to deal with the fiscal and diplomatic disaster caused by her direct predecessor — Donald Trump.

Read on for some of the best responses.

Former “The Simpsons” animator Anna Maltese even dropped in to explain why Cruz was both right, and also very wrong.

The 2018 CPAC conference kicked off Wednesday and runs through Saturday.




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