Ted Cruz Mocks Hillary Clinton By Depicting New York Times, Washington Post as Her Dogs

In play on Washington Post cartoon depicting his daughters as monkeys, Cruz creates cartoon with newspapers on Clinton-held leash

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz was the recipient of widespread support on Wednesday after The Washington Post issued a cartoon depicting his young daughters as monkeys.

And after blasting the paper for targeting his children, Cruz created his own cartoon, mocking Hillary Clinton and the newspapers he considers her leashed dogs–The New York Times and Washington Post.

Cruz tweeted on Wednesday a “better idea” for a cartoon, featuring some hastily-done photoshopping to prove his point.

The Texas senator, like Donald Trump, has made attacking the media a hallmark of his campaign, so the cartoon isn’t a shocker.

It’s a little off base considering both outlets covered the Clinton email scandal aggressively; the Times even drew egg on its face for an inaccurate report that Clinton was under an FBI criminal investigation for her email usage.

The knock against Clinton is a clear sign that Cruz is already looking ahead to a potential general election matchup with the former Secretary of State.

The New York Times and the Washington Post didn’t immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment regarding Cruz’s cartoon.