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Ted Cruz Scores Carly Fiorina Endorsement… and Her Vote

”The only guy who can beat Donald Trump is Ted Cruz.“ the former Hewlett Packard CEO says of the Texas senator

Ted Cruz scored a big endorsement from his former rival Carly Fiorina.

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO, who dropped out of the GOP presidential race on Feb. 10, announced her endorsement during a rally at Miami Dade College in Florida on Wednesday, revealing that she voted for the Texas senator in Tuesday’s Virginia primary.

“I walked into the ballot box and I looked at the ballot and I saw my own name on the ballot. It was kind of a thrill,” Fiorina told the crowd. “But then I checked the box for Ted Cruz, and I’m here to tell you why.”

Fiorina called Cruz a reformer who could take on the Washington establishment.

“Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are two sides of the same coin,” Fiorina said. “They’re not going to reform the system. They are the system,” adding that, “We’re going to have to beat Donald Trump at the ballot box, and the only guy who can beat Donald Trump is Ted Cruz.”

Cruz returned the favor, praising Fiorina as a true conservative who managed to climb to the top of her field.

“Her story embodies the promise that in America anyone can start as a secretary and become a Fortune 50 CEO. Carly speaks the truth with courage, doesn’t back down to the Washington powerbrokers, and terrifies Hillary and the Democrats,” Cruz said in a statement. “We are blessed to have her support, and together I am confident we will continue to unite conservatives so that every American has the opportunity to achieve the unimaginable.”

Despite strong debate performances, Fiorina struggled to gain traction during her bid for the presidency. She suspended her campaign after a disappointing finish in New Hampshire.