‘The View’: Ted Cruz Says ‘Of Course’ Donald Trump Isn’t Going to Testify Under Oath and ‘Nobody Thinks He Is’

The hosts also pressed the Texas senator on his continued support of the former president

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump split
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Ted Cruz had nothing short of a chaotic appearance on “The View” on Monday, complete with audience members interrupting his interview to protest. But while there, the senator did offer his insight on whether former President Donald Trump will actually adhere to the subpoena issued to him by the Jan. 6 committee.

And that insight was: definitely not.

With Cruz on the show to promote his new book, the hosts didn’t pass up the opportunity to ask him about his politics and recent comments and actions. Host Ana Navarro directly grilled Cruz on how he could continue supporting the twice-impeached former president after Trump called Cruz’s wife ugly, among other comments made about Cruz’s family.

“I could’ve decided my feelings are hurt, I’m gonna take the ball and go home and not do my job. But if I was prepared to do that, I better be prepared to resign from my job, because I have a responsibility,” Cruz said.

Still, Whoopi Goldberg pressed him further, saying that Trump “gave no respect” to the Justice Department, or the judicial system at large, pointing out that Trump “doesn’t recognize a subpoena.” At that, Cruz laughed, and addressed the subpoena directly.

“You guys, at the beginning of the show, had this long discussion about ‘Is Donald Trump gonna testify under oath?’ Of course he’s not,” Cruz said dismissively. “Nobody thinks he is. And by the way, did Barack Obama testify under oath? No.”

Host Alyssa Farah Griffin was quick to push back on that comparison though, reminding Cruz that Obama never defied a federal subpoena.