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Ted Nugent Rips David Hogg Again: ‘So Brainwashed, I Don’t Think the Guy Can Be Fixed’ (Audio)

On the other hand, Laura Ingraham is ”a great person“

Ted Nugent still has Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg in his crosshairs.

“The guy has been brainwashed and it’s tragic because he could have been a positive force to identify systems and upgrades to really make schools safer,” Nugent said Monday on 77WABC’s “Curtis + Cosby” show. “But now he’s gone off on a tangent being fed the lies and the propaganda from those that would repeal the Second Amendment.”

“I don’t think the guy can be fixed,” the rocker continued, calling the high schooler “a lost cause.”

On the other hand, Fox News personality Laura Ingraham, who has also been publicly feuding with Hogg, is a “great person,” Nugent said.

As a direct result of calling Hogg a whiner when he complained on Twitter about being denied from his first-choice colleges, the “Ingraham Angle” host is in the midst of an advertiser boycott that could put her show at risk. Is Nugent concerned about a similar backlash costing him professionally?

“I don’t have a worry in my brain,” the musician and NRA board member said. “I worry about nothing because I am so confident that I speak truth, logic, common sense, goodwill, decency and honest solutions for glaring problems in the world today.”

Listen to the full interview here: