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It Looks Like Teen Vogue Writer Who Clashed With Tucker Carlson Is Getting Own Show

Program is titled ”Thigh High Politics,“ per her Editor-in-Chief

Lauren Duca — the Teen Vogue writer, best known for her viral, scathing op-eds and for calling Fox News host Tucker Carlson a “partisan hack” on his own show — might be getting an additional platform of her own.

The news was first reported by lifestyle website Brit + Co, who said Teen Vogue Editor-in-Chief Elaine Welteroth announced the show during a panel at the Women in the World Summit Friday morning.

“I would like to announce that [after] this dramatic interaction that happened on a world stage, we are actually launching a political show on TeenVogue.com called ‘Thigh High Politics,” Welteroth said.

The show’s title refers to the name of Duca’s column. The name comes from  the now infamous Carlson interview, in which he attempted to undermine her by comparing her political op-eds to articles she’d written about pop culture.

“A woman can love Arianna Grande and her thigh-high boots and still discuss politics,” she said at the time.

Duca, at the time of this writing, didn’t comment on the news, but did tweet out a winking emoji in response to the article.

Duca faced off against Fox News host Tucker Carlson back in December when she was invited on the show to talk in part about her op-ed “Donald Trump is Gaslighting America,” which accused President Trump of gaslighting, which is when people manipulate others to doubt their own memory and make them not feel confident in their own beliefs. It’s a blunt, honest, and scathing take on the current administration that has only continued to be true as we went into the Trump presidency.

“To gas light is to psychologically manipulate a person to the point where they question their own sanity, and that’s precisely what Trump is doing to this country,” she wrote.

Carlson confronted Duca for tweeting about an incident in which a man lashed out at Ivanka Trump on a plane. He accused her of condoning the passenger’s attack, even though, as she admits, she didn’t mention it in the aforementioned tweet, which is pasted below.

Throughout the interview, Duca shuts down Carlson’s attempts to paint her in a negative light, or skew her comments on feminism. He consistently interrupted her and tried to paint her as a hypocrite.

“Tucker, you’re not trying to agree with what I’m saying, you’re shouting over me every time I speak. It’s incredibly unprofessional.”

“I’m asking you a simple question,” he said, to which Duca responded, “You’re not. You’re actually being a partisan hack who is attacking me ad nauseam and not even allowing me to speak.”