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‘Teen Wolf’ Star Tyler Posey Promises Lighter Tone: ‘But Then It All Goes to S–t Really Fast’

”What’s really cool is that we take the tonality back to Season 1. Which was really fun. But then it all goes to shit really fast,“ actor tells TheWrap

MTV’s “Teen Wolf” took a darker turn in in the first half of Season 5, culminating in Scott’s death in the finale. But star Tyler Posey promises the show will return to the lighter tone of the first season with the midseason premieres on Tuesday.

“Teen Wolf” has such a unique tone and it’s such a unique show,” Posey said in an interview with TheWrap. “It just holds true to that. What’s really cool is that we take the tonality back to Season 1. Which was really fun.”

But the season will also feature a new big bad in the form of The Beast, a new villain that will force Scott to reunite his pack, and even team up with the person responsible for his death.

“It all goes to s–t really fast,” Posey teased.

Read the full interview below:

TheWrap: Scott’s first big hurdle this season will be bringing his pack back together after the events of 5A. How will he go about doing that?
Posey: He’s just got to be upfront and honest. He knows that there’s been too many secrets being held for the past couple of seasons, especially the last one. So he’s like, “OK. Guys, I need your help. We need to get back together.” He just lays it out for them, and whether they take the bait or not, he’s not going to give up until everyone’s in his pack. They need to take time to breathe and handle s–t on their own, like he did. He knows that he will have to try hard to get them back.

What is it about Scott that makes him a good leader and alpha?
He’s the one. He’s Neo. It was all supposed to fall into Scott’s lap. He was supposed to turn into a werewolf, it was his responsibility. He has a good heart, and he was brought up right. It was a perfect storm of a superhero. It’s just one of those stories. He really cares about people and he wants to save his family, and his friends. Now that he has the power to do that, he’s going to do it. He’s strong-hearted and has a lot of willpower. And that’s what makes him so good.

A few familiar faces come back this season, including Gideon Emery as Deucalion, J.R. Bourne as Chris Argent and Michael Hogan as Gerard Argent. What was it like working with everybody again?
It was great. I see them all the time, though. A lot of them are my friends. It’s awesome having Deucalion back on set, Gideon, but I didn’t have any scenes with him. So I didn’t get a chance to work with him. But it was cool seeing him on set again. Working with J.R. and Michael Hogan, was great. J.R. is one of my closest friends, so I see him all the time. It’s nice having Michael back on set, I love seeing him here. It kind of reminds me of old times, because the last time we had Michael on set, I was 20. And we were in the middle of our second season. And it’s cool to see how we’ve progressed and how far we’ve come. It’s a cool little nostalgic season.

Do you feel like you’ve grown with the show over the last 5 seasons?
Oh absolutely. Big time. I was a kid when I started the show, I was 18. I’m still very much that same person, but like I was saying, Scott has gone through a lot and he’s the same guy that he was before, but he’s got this different outlook on life. He’s got this edge and darkness to him. I kind of feel like that too. I feel like I’ve got this wisdom, and this well-roundedness. I feel like I’ve experienced a lot, and kind of managed it well. So yeah, I’ve grown a s–tload.

You’re going to be directing a few episodes in Season 6, have you been preparing for that at all?
I’ve been preparing my whole life without really knowing it. I have a lot of knowledge of what would be good from a directing standpoint. I just have this innate vision. And I just kind of get it. I grew up on a set, so it’s just there. It’s second nature. I’ve been producing a lot, asking a lot of questions, kind of visually and mentally laying out the script shot-by-shot. I hang out with the directors all the time, I’m always behind the camera … I love acting, but I love a lot of things. I want to put my hand in every little thing that I can. And directing is just one of those things. I’m really ambitious, and I just aspire to do this kind of thing. I’ve been preparing a lot. Been shooting my own stuff, I’m going to travel to Wyoming with [Dylan Sprayberry] to shoot something. I’m going to film a short before this year is up, so I’ve been preparing.

What are you most excited for fans to see in 5B?
“Teen Wolf” has such a unique tone and it’s such a unique show. It just holds true to that. What’s really cool is that we take the tonality back to Season 1. Which was really fun. But then it all goes to shit really fast. It’s hard to balance that comedy and chaos. But it’s just a great season of “Teen Wolf.” It’s got everything you want, everything you need. Scott’s got some really cool stuff, and a really cool comeback. There’s a great villain.

“Teen Wolf” Season 5B premieres Tuesday, Jan. 5 at 9 p.m. on MTV.