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Will ‘Tenet’ Find Success at the Box Office? | Podcast

On this week’s episode of ”TheWrap-Up,“ a discussion about ”Tenet“ and its July release

Christopher Nolan’s new movie “Tenet” is slated to be the first big-budget film to hit theaters since the coronavirus shutdown, but will there be enough people in the seats in July for the movie to turn a profit?

On this week’s episode of “TheWrap-Up” podcast, hosts Sharon Waxman and Daniel Goldblatt were joined by TheWrap’s box office reporter Jeremy Fuster and Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for Comscore, to discuss if a theater at half-capacity can still produce enough revenue for Warner Bros.

“Right now, what most movie theater companies are expecting is a 50% capacity limit, and that’s really what they’re hoping for,” Fuster said. “If a state government tells them a 25% capacity, then you’re not going to see a lot of theaters reopened because it’s very, very difficult to make a profit off of that kind of a percentage.”

Dergarabedian added, “I think (Warner Bros. is) going to have to look at this as a marathon, not a sprint. This is something where the opening weekend dynamics are going to be completely different than traditionally we’ve looked at them … What they’re going to have to look at is, for each auditorium, there will be fewer people but in a multiplex, each one of those screens may be devoted to one movie or even two or three.”

Watch the video above and you can listen to the full episode below.

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