Terry Crews Files Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Agent Adam Venit

Venit was demoted by WME last week

adam venit terry crews
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Terry Crews has filed a lawsuit against WME agent Adam Venit accusing him of groping his genitals at a Hollywood party last year.

Last week, WME completed an investigation into Venit’s conduct and stripped him of his position as head of the agency’s motion picture group. The agency has kept him as an agent. Venit’s clients include Dustin Hoffman, Diane Keaton, and Adam Sandler.

Crews responded to news of Venit’s return and demotion with disapproval on Twitter, writing: “Someone got a pass.”

Crews accused Venit of groping him at a party and parted ways with WME shortly after coming forward with the accusation last month. Crews described the accusation during an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” saying he “never felt more emasculated.”

“He’s basically staring at me and he’s sticking his tongue out and, you know, it’s overtly sexual kind of tongue move… it’s a party. It’s packed… I’m looking, is this a joke? I don’t understand. It was actually so bizarre,” Crews said.

“He keeps coming over to me. He comes over to me, I stick my hand out and he takes his hand and puts it and squeezes my genitals and I jump back like hey, hey and he’s like — he still is sticking his tongue out and all this stuff.”

According to the lawsuit, which was first reported by TMZ, Crews pushed Venit away after the assault and turned to Adam Sandler, who was Venit’s client. “Adam, come get your boy!” he yelled.  “He’s grabbing my nuts.”

After the party, Crews said Sandler called to see if he was okay and said that he was shocked at the behavior. Crews says he was worried about retaliation from Venit, even though WME head Ari Emanuel assured him that Venit “did not have that level of power despite his title as head of the Motion Picture Department.”

Reps for WME did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s requests for comment.