That Time a Fly Landed on Hillary Clinton at the Second 2016 Debate (Video)

A fly is a fly is a fly

The fly that landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head during Wednesday’s VP debate generated a lot of buzz — sorry not sorry — but while the slightly embarrassing moment quickly became the darling of social media, it wasn’t actually the first time an insect has made an appearance at a major election debate.

Four years ago, during the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, a fly briefly landed on the Democratic nominee’s face while she was speaking. Though the fly quickly flew away, that didn’t stop some Twitter users from creating parody Clinton fly accounts to capture the moment. Take a look at the moment from 2016 above.

But during Wednesday’s matchup between Pence and Kamala Harris, that enterprising fly decided to stay in the national TV spotlight for a much longer time, conspicuously landing on Pence’s white hair for nearly two minutes. The moment quickly went viral and was celebrated with dozens upon dozens of parody Pence fly accounts on Twitter, plus a ton of mockery. Even the Joe Biden campaign got in on the fun, first with a tweet asking for donations to “help this campaign fly,” followed soon after by a commemorative fly swatter with the slogan “truth over flies” for $10.

The Biden campaign also bought the URL “,” which redirects to the voter registration platform I Will Vote.


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